Silkroad Online – OttoMaN_SouL union Hotan fortress Centaurus server.

I DON’T CLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THESE SONGS, THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED TO THE OWNERS AND I AM NOT PROFITING FROM PUTTING THEM ON YOUTUBE OttoMaN_SouL,Paradise,MaVeRa and NightHwak defending hotan fortress for 90% on east tower vs ALLianCE,Falcon ,CroTeam,_aSiLLeR__,_ComandoS__,and VioIenCe. -Daenerys legend +7 set,accessories FB job set 120 weapon +12 3 honor buffs banging noobs with offering 😉 , holding cleric +12 with 80~77~87 status hope you enjoyed the video , like and sub if you want PvP videos