January GM Events

Event 1: Silkroad Battle Royale















Hear ye, hear ye . This is Silkroad Online.
Combatants of Silkroad, the time has come to trample the weak.
Prepare for an all out battle, and be on the peak.
Defend yourselves, fight for survival.
As we present to you  the Silkroad Battle Royale!

[Event Period]
January 15 ~ February 12, 2013 (4 weeks)















[Event Mechanics]
1.  GMs will visit the servers and will make an in-game announcement regarding the event and time of registration.  Players who would like to participate can register via in-game mail to the designated GM.
2.  Players will be categorized according to their level brackets:

Level 1~80
Level 81~100
Level 101~110
Level 111~120

3.  Players who will successfully register will be teleported by the GMs to the Event Area (Room of Courage).  Gms will invite participants into a party.
4.  GMs will give instructions and will signal the start of the event.  Players will engage into an open PvP and should kill many participants as much as possible within the given time duration.
5.  At the end of the preliminary match, players who will be left standing will advance to the final match.
6.  The player who will remain alive will be declared as the winner.

•  Rewards

Prizes to be given will depend on the level of the winner.






Consolation Prizes: 20 berserker regeneration potions + 10 Party Buff Scrolls

•  Prize provision details
– All prizes will be given at the end of the event period.

–  In case of disconnection during the event, player will automatically be disqualified
–  Use of hp/mp potion is allowed.
–  No resurrection allowed.
–  Round will run for 3 minutes. A decision match can be conducted if necessary.
–  If player is the last man standing at the end of the preliminary match, he will be automatically declared as the winner.
–  GMs’ decision is final.

Event 2:  Unique Crit Event
The higher the number means a game winner.
It’s a class based event, everyone must remember.
Hunt those Uniques and rewards will be granted
As we invite you to join in the Unique Crit Event.

[Event Period]
January 15 ~ February 12, 2013 (4 weeks)

[Event Mechanics]
1.     GM Team will post picture of a unique at the website and the target player class.
2.     Player should hunt for one of the target monsters then deal his/her highest damage to the monster. The player should take a screenshot showing his/her highest damage.
3.     Players will submit the screenshots at Community Weekly Best Section
4.     Top 3 players per class and level bracket will be selected.

•  Reward:
Winners per class and level bracket will receive 1 Extension Gear.






•  Prize provision details
– All prizes will be given at the end of the event period.

–  Edited screenshots will be disqualified
–  Players may use buffs, outside buffs, and scrolls when hitting the monster.  Players may use any skills, equipment and weapon. Player may use berserk mode.
–  Player should be the first to hunt unique monster then take solo screenshot of his damage.

FB Event:  Test of intelligence: Solve the Silkroad Puzzle
















Most of you have been playing the game since it was launched.
A lot have already maxed their levels, some are already on their way.
but the question is, how much do you really know about the game?

Test your knowledge by solving the Silkroad Puzzle.
Players who will be able to do so, will be rewarded.

[Event Period]
January 15 ~ February 12, 2013 (4 weeks)

[Event Mechanics]
1.     A puzzle will be posted on Silkroad Official Facebook page.
2.     Players would need to solve the picture posted on the Facebook page.
3.     The first 5 players who will comment the correct answers on FB Page will win.

•  Reward:   Skill EXP Increase Scroll (5 pcs)
•  Date of Prize Provision: February 19, 2013

–  Each player may only win once during the whole event period.
–  Community Manager’s Decision is final.