SRO – Arabia Expansion 1

Yum, so here I bring a fast tour around the new zones of Arabia. Some notes: – The Arabia update is a 2 expansion update, the first one is the one I’m showing, which includes Baghdad, the Kirk, the Phantom Desert and the Kalia’s Hideout. – The 1st expansion is from lv 121 to 125. This means, the next cap is 125, then after that comes the 130 cap. – The second expansion of Arabia is still a work in progress. It includes mobs from lv 125 to 130, a new desert, twice as big as the Phantom Desert, and 2 new Dungeons, one is the Petra dungeon and the other is the Devil’s Garden or something like that. – Due to it being the first expansion, the East part of Baghdad is closed, as you can see on the video, I suppose it will be opened on future updates. – The video is recorded on my own testserver, I’m working on apply the update on my private server, so far I’ve added the zones and the NPC spawns, but I still haven’t added the stores on the NPC’s nor the monsters spawns/new skills. I will upload more videos of the new features I add (new skills/new mobs) etc. That’s all. Enjoy ^^ Website: Arabia songs