Silkroad Online & King of Fighters’98 Mix PvP Intro

Test Intro [ZSZC was my best private game. I tried to stay at ZSZC, but team… Probably my 250+ friends left. So I was see what happening. Btw I got scammed 2 times on water and retro. Can u guess ? Thats funny… + Normal forum mod. (ChinYa) scammed my char on water. + Super forum mod. (Akiza) scammed me on retro. Thats why I quitted from ZSZC. Your ZSZC team… you can ban me from forum, also game. I don’t care. You can do what else already? Anyways I wont be back. I’m playing Company of Heroes. If u need connact me, u know my youtube profile (synax1991) Thanks for watch my videos.]