Silkroad Online & King of Fighters (mix) – Intro

To Be Continued That just into. Pvp video soon. Players from ZSZC Retro Server. Here orginal video: Player credits: Aurora 5uRe4L MusicX dYCE Lyrics addIcTs Ryuma Tham1HayLaz SunOne Aids JoeyJordison XxSibunaxX FuRqaNJaN IronThunder Mihawk Maya Ruffy Victoria TipShrooms FL0wshY Sageumi Akiza Keta Marjinal ByAti InTerpoL Mezz0Mix Vio CerkezBeyi WildBower Circassian Violett DarkTemplar Exia Pepe Ayamie Mask Right [ZSZC was my best private game. I tried to stay at ZSZC, but team… Probably my 250+ friends left. So I was see what happening. Btw I got scammed 2 times on water and retro. Can u guess ? Thats funny… + Normal forum mod. (ChinYa) scammed my char on water. + Super forum mod. (Akiza) scammed me on retro. Thats why I quitted from ZSZC. Your ZSZC team… you can ban me from forum, also game. I don’t care. You can do what else already? Anyways I wont be back. I’m playing Company of Heroes. If u need connact me, u know my youtube profile (synax1991) Thanks for watch my videos.]