Silk Road – Online anonymous drug marketplace tour

We take a brief tour on the Silk Road. The Silk Road is an anonymous online drug marketplace that real people use to buy and sell illegal drugs, books, fake passports and more. Read more about Silk Road here: Is this a punch in the face to those fighting the war on drugs? or Is this a safe haven where drug users can get there fix/supplies without funding violent criminals and gangs? – – – While what silk road is used for is deemed illegal in almost every place on earth is it really that bad? 1. Regular people don’t see dodgy people around the high street dealing drugs 2. Violent criminals are replaced by online ‚ebay‘ like sellers who sell based on feedback and rating system. 3. The products are high quality so people are not harming themselves by smoking/injecting/swallowing adulterants. Remember: Illegal does NOT equal Bad.