New 120 cap private silkroad online server preview + pvp

Hello everyone. We are starting a new pserver caller „NOTFORTURKS“(no offense). My GM character is Bow/Blade/Fire. To get this server you will need: Registration ( Hamachi (NOTFORTURKS, NOTFORTURKS1, NOTFORTURKS2, NOTFORTURKS3(network id)) (Google it after name LogMeIn Hamachi) Client ( Loader ( For loader you will need to change IP ( both spaces), put in ports (1-15779, 2-15780) and put check on Redirect Gateway server, Redirect Agent Server and Multiclient. Server rates are 55x Songs used: Blutonium Boy – Hardstyle Dimension (Intro) Showter – The Church Of The Darkside Blutonium Boys – Xtc (Blutonium Boy vs. Dj Neo remix)