Silkroad Online – Wire [HD]

Hey ppl ^^ This will probably be my last silkroad video. Just wanted to create something new, a new way to record pvp/job related stuff + using the /wire command. I’m not sure if I won’t make silkroad videos anymore, depends on updates like a new race or something like that. Foxforlive and me decided both to stop for now and to focus on our editing skills and creating videos in real life. Soon I will create a new channel for that, I’ll keep you guys up-to-date. I’m willing to make promotion videos for pservers though, so if you need an editor, feel free to ask me. Please support me by liking this video and subscribing me. That would help a lot! Special thanks goes to Foxforlive, who helped me a lot with creating these shots, thanks for your patience! His channel: Oh and btw, It’s my birthday today 🙂 ————–Video Notes————– Project name: Wire Resolution: 1280×1024 Fraps FPS: 50 Composition FPS: 30 Render time : 3 hours, 29 mins Used programs : Adobe After Effects CS 5.5 ——————————————– Songs used: Lemaitre – Blue Shift Klaypex – ET (Katy Perry) The Last Samurai Soundtrack „Idyll’s End“ This video was recorded on my own private server, which is really private, so only a few people did know about it. Thanks to all my subscribers. Thanks for all the support. Greetings, speederzz1337 aka Dignity.