Silkroad Online – GoodTimes SRO – Promotional video

More info about the server : Official server website : E*pvp thread : Level Cap: Lv80 EXP & SP Rate: 15x DROP Rate: 10x GOLD DROP Rate: 5x SOX DROP Rate: 2% Server has no eu chars , like back at 2007~ Job rates are increased to 3x , so there’s way more job wars than in any other usual server. Server is based on vSro files , mBot works , and its allowed. Green book is totally removed , even visually. Exp boosters ( Like prem+ or 100%exp beginner helper. ) works as they should work , means it doubles the current server rates , not makes them 1x bigger. All 3 fw’s works , but at the moment , jangan and bandit fortresses are disabled , for more action at Hotan ( When server gets more population , all 3 forts will be opened ) For more info , just visit the website , and i really hope to see u all in game !