✪Silkroad Online – Faster Farming Guide

I’m gonna show you my way of farming !!!! In this video you will not see the basics of farming …. just the faster way if you already have this: 1.You need a high level bard 2.You need cleric/force for ress 3.A good spot 4.The chars you want to farm -The cleric must atack the mobs only if he gets atacked ,to do that set range 1 -The range for farmers must be 10 but check „don’t walk arround“ so they wont go away -Always check the resser for mp pots ,and take the farmers to town for repair each time they need otherwise they won’t atack. -when you level them down to a pleasent lvl for gaining sp take them to a safe spot … turn off the bot on farmers and let one of the cleric guard them set spot (change his range to 10 ). Song used : Nero – Guilt (Culture Shock Remix) COMMENT – RATE – SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE