SilkroadOnline Skill Parody – The Chinese

After a week of hard work, I am glad to present you my newest and last SRO vid : SilkroadOnline Skill Parody: The Chinese Enjoy 🙂 I know its not as good as the Europeans, and it’s because I didn’t even want to make this vid, but I rather made the vid parts already done into a video than deleting em all from my computer. Actually the only good idea I had was for the Flame Wave Bomb. Chinese skills have far-eastern combat names :S Songlist : 1 : Sro Intro 2 : Sonic X Japanese intro music 3 : Caramelldansen music 4 : Cascada: Everytime We Touch 5 : Three Days Grace: Pain 6 : Evanescence – Fallen – 01 – Bring Me To Life 7 : No real idea. Maybe a Haydn ? 8 : Evanescence – Fallen – 01 – Bring Me To Life 9 : Sonic X Japanese ending music