SilkroadOnline Skill Parody – Europeans

After long hours of work through days and nights I present you now a long stickman sro movie : SilkroadOnline Skill Parody : Europeans. I tried to add sound fx now, but seems I’m like the worst sound synchronizer ^^ I didn’t left out any European class, Chinese will come later if you liked this one I hope you will like it 🙂 Edit : I know there are some mistakes, but it took half an hour to upload it ( 80kbit/sec -.- ) so I don’t feel like uploading it again ^^ List of the musics 1. Sro intro music 2. Sum41 : Noots 3. Lineage 2 : L2_Battle1 4. Haegemony : Battle 5.2 5. Some random Jingle Bells music ^^ 6. I have absolutelly no idea… I got it as an age of empires 2 taunt 7. ‚Blasphemy 2.0‘ by Immediate Music. – According to iPwnRejectedNoobs 8. 3 doors down : Duck and Run 9. Rick Astley : Never Gonna Give You Up ^^ 10 . Haegemony Battle 2.3 11. Ecco , Title music by the way, Haegemony is a space strategy game from Digital Reality, and it’s awesome ^^ edit : Ecco pc version :