Silkroad Online – Green Screen Tutorial

DOWNLOAD LINKS HERE! CLICK „Show more“ ***************************************************************************** Download links: DDJ Files: PK2 Tool: ***************************************************************************** More Information: – Remember to make a copy of the Map.pk2 so you can put it back in your silkroad folder when you dont want it to be green anymore – Make sure you turn off your anti virus program when extracting the PK2Tools. Why? because your anti virus will delete it, it gives false positives. – You can download Adobe After Effects CS5 from torrent websites.. same for Keylight 1.2 (i wont give download links to these) – I dont know how to use any other editing programs except for After Effects.. so dont ask me question about Sony Vegas or any other editing programs. Use Google to find out what chromakey plugin you need (for what ever program you use) – Song name: Intro: Charlie Clouser – Hello Zepp (Special Features SAW Theme Remix) Song throughout the video: Feed Me – Strange Behaviour (ft. Tasher Baxter) Outro: Tron Legacy – Soundtrack OST – 14 Fall – Daft Punk Make sure to visit the forum: Remember to Subscribe for more videos…. also it doesnt hurt to give me a thumbs up =) I DON’T CLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THESE SONGS, THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED TO THE OWNERS AND I AM NOT PROFITING FROM PUTTING THEM ON YOUTUBE. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is