Silkroad 12D SUN PvP (BOW) – by Simply1337

// READ! Hey guys! (: First of all: Thanks for 2k Subscriber!:D Here we go, 12D SUN Bow, thanks to h0Ly_VVar for his character! 😛 // INFOS: h0Ly_VVar Rev6: 110 Full Farmed 12D SUN BOW and 12D SUN Protector Head (Phoenix) / Rest Overlord +6 Set pure (full) STR Prem+ / Devil Spirit // TRACKLIST / SONGLIST / SONGS: 0:00-0:10 Miss B? – Turn It Up Feat Flo-Rida 0:11-3:06 All Born Angels – Matrix and Futurebound – Drum n Bass // VIDEO-INFOS: Captured with Fraps 3.4.3 @ 60 Fps Size in Vegas (10pro): 38,3 GB Final Size: 158.39 MB Time: 3:06 Download: And yes, the last guy was lvl 101, he told me that after “pvp”. xD Sooo…hope u like it, have fun watchin’ it. (: