Assassin Aion Online Basic Skills Read Description for Info Very Funy Class!!

Short video again 15 days free because Chinese Aion is opening up more servers so 1st 15 days are free from April 30 to May 15th 2009!! Download Info at easy for geeks dorks and computer nerds =D others might have problems! XD haha My 1st Character Scout at level 10 you can go either Ranger or Assassin. I’m not a Ranger type of person I normally make Ranger last in every MMORPG game so I went for Assassin it is very fun and flash at least. As you can see my Skill Bar is constantly flashing cause i’m spamming buttons woohoo~! so much fun! XD Two sword [slashes slower] or two daggers [slashes faster] for weapon You can also use Bow and Arrow if you need to. Assassins very quick at attacking and combo skills can really spike! They are good with parrying and critical hits. They can go invincible to sneak up on enemy. They can evade and Counter attack right after to stune enemies. Also, they have buff spells to spike even greater. You see me running behind the person because there is a skill that’s very powerful only from behind! I’m not saying warriors or other classes can’t do this i’m just saying it for assassin atm.