Aion – Morheim Zone Tour [H264]

Zone: Morheim, Asmodae At the heart of Morheim lies the sinister Execution Ground of Deltras, the site of a terrible event that widened the rift between the Elyos and the Asmodians irreparably. Though the Asmodians stand by their act, the place is now abandoned, a scar on the land, in the midst of a desert called, fittingly, the Salt Desert of Oblivion. At the Fortress of Sorrow overlooking it, only the souls of the ancient Elysean dead remain to keep a vigil over this haunted place. It is not only the scars of history that lie heavy on the land of Morheim, but the shadows of legend also; the legendary Fire Temple at the center of the Musfel Volcano is said to be the prison of an ancient Daeva, and rumor persists of a mysterious object of power from the Sky Temple of Arkanis. In the midst of all this, ordinary Asmodians have to fend off the usual attacks from the Mau, whose complex enmities and allegiances might mean the Asmodians can find an unexpected ally in the Silver Mane tribe, whose own village lies abandoned and overrun by wildlife.