Aion Gameplay (PC HD)

— Aion — Played on Infinite Aion (best free aion server) “East” realm (i think that its called like that, can’t remember name), im playing with “Novakovic” now lvl 51 spiritmaster, now, well i recommend everybody to enjoy and play this wonderful game aion… PS Nobody can’t convice wow fans that aion is better until they play game, its just preetyer and more fun, i dont know its just better like im stick on playing it, and its like a storyline mmorpg, which is weird and if you are elyos its like you are preepearing for asmodian meet and fight the whole time, its like they are strong deamons and you are angel that needs to save world, gosh it feels like you are in the game, like its real, soo incredibly awsome quest and storyline, and you play quests cuz you want to, unlike in wow, you play quests for xp, and quests are boring, you just cant wait to complete them so you can get experience, and lvl, and when you become lvl 80, you try to go to raids, batlegrounds… and when you get best armor you dont play wow anymore cuz it becomes boring. — i was talking about me whole time, well thats what i think that i felt when playing wow, and now when playnig aion, well you chose you play , remember that, you are roler of yourself, so nobody can change your mind,… “My recomendation: Play the game you think its more fun, cuz games are for fun!!!” ————————————————————————————————————— Here are my spec