Aion Dark Poeta Anuhart + A-Grade (Calindi Flamelord) with SIN TANK

This is a video to proof, how easy Anuhart and Calindi are with a Sin Tank. Many people told me, its not possible without a Templar when i first mentioned it on a forum. They even said bad things about me. So i recorded todays run to proof them wrong. Guess what? Its even more easy with a sin. Anuhart does no shield and no self-heal, Calindi does no fear and no big nukes on tank. People in this Video: Kaeltar – Sin/Tank – Fenris – Asator – Glad – Tuek – Sorc – Fenris – Influenza – Sorc – Slacka – Chanter – Zoe – Cleric – Fenris – Currently working on doing this without chanter and solo-healing.