Aion 2.5 Gameplay – Empyrean Crucible

Background music is “See the Sun (Aurosonic Remix)” – Matt Darey ft. Urban Astronauts Quick Notes: Hey guys, I’m back and I’ve got over 250GBs of footage to edit after the first day of the Aion 2.5 release on May 25th. I wish I had known before starting the recordings, that I was recording at half size for triple monitor. I didn’t know the command to access the console so I was upset to find I was stuck with single monitor mode 🙁 but that’s why the zoom ins look all weird. Other than that though, This was all running at 1920 x1080 full graphics bloom 2 (i run bloom 1 now, i didn’t realize how much better it was lol) 32AA 8AF 8xMultisample. About the Video: Here’s some footage of Not a Pie’s first attempt at Empyrean Crucible in the new Aion 2.5 update on US servers. We made it up to stage 7 before I DCd and died then discovered after logging back in that you lose your re-entrance ticket when Disconnecting (same as leaving an instance with some instance keys). So that was my fault and I’m not sure just how far we would have gotten had I had stable internet. However, they did the run the very next day with another chanter and made it to stage 9. I made another attempt with a pub group and experienced another lovely DC at stage 7… add that to your huge serving platter of things to fix ncsoft… i hate Dcing and having to completely reload the client as opposed to just getting kicked to the character screen and instantly reconnecting like in other games x . x anyway, hope