“The Silk Road:Kashgar and the New Silk Road” Lraleigh’s photos around Kashgar, China

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Kashgar, China by TravelPod blogger Lraleigh titled “The Silk Road:Kashgar and the New Silk Road”. TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Lraleigh’s travel blog entry: “At the Khunjerab Pass, the land transfers ownership to China, sheep and goats replace Ibex, and the border guards say “Welcome to China.” The road widens dramatically, with yellow dividers and white-painted margins. The wide road is the beginning of the story. Pakistan desperately wants help with its infrastructure, especially since less than one percent of its people pay taxes and many use electricity without paying. China desperately wants new routes to the ocean, for global trade. The Karakoram Highway may be part of the Old Silk Road’s web of byways, but today it is part of the New Silk Road, or at least China’s vision for one. The New Silk Roads are the oil and gas pipelines of Kazakhstan and Iran, the railways transporting mineral wealth, metals, traders, and travelers; and the roads bringing goods from China to convenient ports. In Laos, I saw the same road building, as China expands its influence, building a broad highway the entire way to Cambodia, where China is building a port. In Pakistan, China hopes to build a broad highway to Karachi, where it will open a port to ship products to Europe and the Middle East, bypassing Singapore. Today, large Chinese trucks with “CHN” painted on the front and sides travel south and Pakistani trucks with “PK