“The Silk Road: Pomegranate” Lraleigh’s photos around Bukhara, Uzbekistan

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bukhara, Uzbekistan by TravelPod blogger Lraleigh titled “The Silk Road: Pomegranate”. TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Lraleigh’s travel blog entry: “Madina and Ilyos, like Bahodir, had their Traveler’s Guestbook full of information. These books are informational bread and butter for the traveler on the go in Central Asia, uncovering gems not found in the guidebooks. Indeed, I found Madina and Ilyos through recommendations in Bahodir’s Guestbook. If you went to Bukhara without this information, you would have no idea that behind the number 18 on Anbar Street was a cozy B&B. A marshrutka from the bus station dropped me in front of the Ark, the fortified royal palace of the Bukhara Khan under the Uzbeks, nomads from the north who settled in the fertile Bukharan oasis following Timur. At number 18, no one was home, but soon passed a woman, who said “can I help you?” It was Madina, and she escorted me back to number 18 for a large wholesome dinner as the temperature dropped to minus twenty-five Celsius. In temperatures so cold, I walked around Bukhara in brief spurts, visiting covered markets, minarets, medrassas, and small alleyways. But despite the cold, Madina, Ilyos, and I went to a nearby market town looking for shoes and prayed at the town mosque. Although Islam mentions five daily prayers at specified times, people of faith in Uzbekistan seem to pray whenever they drove past a mosque, or ate food, or passed a