Silkroad Online – WreckingCrew

The Quitted ~ Lvl 110 Warrior Warlock: Refraction Lvl 110 Warlock Cleric: MagnumOpus Lvl 110 Warrior Cleric: vibeFM Lvl 110 Rogue Cleric: juliet2 Lvl 110 Bard Cleric: Trixxies Lvl 107 Force Bower: CataClyzm Lvl 105 S/S Nuker: ArchDevil1 Big Thanks to the people above! 1.5m damage by juliet2 Song names: Robert M feat. Nicco – Dance Hall Track B-Complex – Beautiful Lies (No Podcast) Madagascar – Zooster Breakout Subscribe: Silkroad Online – Aege Server I Found out how to recover deleted videos, i uploaded the one i liked best back on youtube.