Silk Road – China – Created at TripWow by TravelPod Attractions (a TripAdvisor™ company) Silk Road China These ancient trade routes between China and the West began in Xi’an, China, stretched across the mountains of Central Asia, the deserts of Persia, the plains of India to the Mediterranean. Read more at: Travel blogs from Silk Road: – “… The city is the historic end of the Silk Road and one of the top sights in China, so I’m looking forward to writing about that next …” – “… half-fallen walls and staring out to Muztagh Ata one one end of the valley and the road to Pakistan on the other, I imagined Silk Road caravans coming in to the lush valley and enjoying the trees and water, paying their fees and dues to the controllers of …” – “… This was a few hundred years before the local people converted to Islam, the latest religion brought to them on the Silk Road as Buddhism itself had been before it …” – “… Dan and I have been discussing traveling parts of the Silk Road, and this small taste of the plateau really got us talking …” – “… Xi’an is the start of if the Silk Road so it has a Muslim influences …” – “… Driving back down towards the silk road we stop in a wide grassy plain surrounded by mountains …” – “… The New Silk Roads are the oil and gas pipelines of Kazakhstan and Iran, the railways …” – “… There was even a collection of coins used on the Silk Road …” Read these blogs and more at: Photos