How to Play Aion Free !!!!

How to download free Aion and play online! Links : Best Download Client for Aion List of Private Servers Best Private Server (I recommend it) To register : Follow my instructions for the rest !!!! For writed instructions : Pour instructions en fraçais : Para instrucciones en español : If you have problems with the language: 1.Launch NCsoft launcher 2.Click file and hit settings 3. Click advanced and change it to the language you want or 1. Open ncsoft launcher 2. Right click aion 3. Run repair to return aion to normal state Suscribe and Comment…and if I helped you or if you found out that video good, go show this to your freinds, maybe they will come play wiht you! And if you have any problem or questions, do not hesitate…put a comment, it will be a plaisur to help you! Brought to you by guixav3 ___ If you really like Aion, support NCsoft and buy it. This video is for educational uses only.