How to Make a Silkroad Private Server – 04/2011 [Sea Shadow]

If you got any questions, and i cant answer feel free to post in this forum, they can help you: Also you can Check the Text Tut made by me here: Please Subscribe and like please MISSING DLL: Library Files (You need to install this if something is missing) LastThief DataBase (You can kill egypt monsters with it) ATTENTION: CHANGING USERS FILE .ini DONT CHANGE THE skill8 lvl because its the Force Skill and the emulator doesnt allow it. It will bug your account!! TO ACESS GM CONSOLE: Shift ~ (Shift + the key behind 1) – You need english keyboard. LINKS: Emulator: Crack: Client v1.150- Torrent: Mirror: Client v1.167 – Uploaded by LastThief Brandl-Hosting Part 1- http Part2 Megaupload Part 1: Part2: ______________________ Sorry for the Links be Linkbucks and Adf.Ly, im needing money. If some link doesnt work, please say to me. IGNORE THIS KEYWORDS Keywords Tags For Youtube and Other Video Sharing Sites. Ok now we have our movie file but its rather large but dont worry too much about that as when we edit the file will get smaller as for the movie file will upload faster. Ok at the moment we have a unedited movie, in the this video i will show you how to edit a puppy video i made 🙂 How To Make Folders and Edit Them Save Upload Movie Making Editing Watermark technology Photo Shop tutorials High Definition Audio/Narration