Assassin How To Weave & AAC – Aion

1. Skill Spamming 2. Weaving 3. AAC Weave – Adding an auto attack between skills AAC (Auto Attack Cacnel or Attack animation cancel) – To cancel an auto attack animation to maximize dps When you AAC the animation will be cut off into your next skill, but the damage is still logged. 1. Skill Spamming Button mashing skills until they go off, and soon enough you will run out which forces you to auto attack eventually. It is a waste of mana and energy. 2. Weaving Weaving means to add auto attacks between skills. The reason to add auto attacks between skills is because auto attacks sometimes hit harder than our skills. Benefits from weaving is that you save skill cds, consume less mana, and less strain on your hands from spamming skills. 3. AAC (auto atk cancel) AAC is the same concept as weaving. Only difference is that you cancel the animation of the auto attack. Benefits from AAC is that you maximize your dps by using a skill instantly after an auto attack to cancel the full auto attack animation. Sometimes you can AAC quick enough that you won’t see an animation at all and your toon will go right into the next skill but the damage of the atuo attack is still recorded. Ping plays a big roll in AAC.