Aion PvP: Sigil Strike – Take 2

Please read the description. Also, please don’t leave hate comments without explaining yourself. Nothing is more annoying than a viewer disliking a video and not giving valid reason why they don’t like it. Unless you’re trolling, in which case, just fuck off. WATCH IN 1080p!!! Some more sigil strike kills. Some are better than others, but that’s just the way it goes. There were numerous kills I wish I’d had fraps running for, various 2v1s and such, but as usual, I’m stupid. Whatever. Comment/Rate/Subscribe to see more. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Please don’t just dislike/leave trashy comments without explaining yourself. Thanks! EDIT: Because I’ve gotten a lot of shit for this…The glads/templars I killed didn’t have UD because I had kited it off. Was only showing the ends of the fights, because frankly, the kiting was boring. Fights you see in lost city/ingisson outpost are duels.