[Aion 2.1] Ranger Guide – Part 2: Sorcerer

char: uk.aiononline.com Using magic accuracy set. In some fights I am using my PVE caster jewellery with magic accuracy, so the damage differs. I guess enemies don’t need introduction. BUT! Joeasskicker aka Desimp: uk.aiononline.com Hayabusa aka BAWSE: uk.aiononline.com Ezalor: uk.aiononline.com Yagamy: uk.aiononline.com The two main combos: a) Remove stone skin and sleep; Then snare + silence + burst. b) Sleep in advance, then cover with 2 traps (can add entangling shot if stone skin is on), then silence, root and burst. But since the sorcerers in the video all have magic resist sets, resists happen sometimes, so then you have to improvise =) This vid is not quite straightfoward as the glad video, and more slow paced since I have to play often without Bestial Fury, but I hope you enjoy it. The first 2 fights pretty much cover the combos, and the rest show what happens if that fails. I wanted to show not necessarily flawless, but some nice fights, so some mistakes are present =) Thanks all and don’t be cheap like me, and use attack speed scrolls when you are forced to remove BF 😀