[Aion 2.1] Ranger Guide – Part 1: Gladiator

Important notes (please read): Char: uk.aiononline.com This combo works really well for me since 1.9. Works on all glads, except the ones with magic resist set – for those you would need magic accuracy set, but anyway there is only a handful of glads with mres set 🙂 The point is to not let them use their heals and finish them off quickly, which is achieved by blinding them as 3rd and silencing as 4th debuff. Good glads will try to kite it off, thus root as 5th debuff. Some glads like to prebuff 10 min Wall of Steel – in this case you have 2 options: a) Keep doing the same, WoS is not that scary when the glad is blind, just don’t forget to use Fleshcutter so they don’t get too much hp from IS and SW. b) Kite WoS off, you can do it either by going hide, you can cover root by doing Poison, Blindstorm, Silence, Trap of Slow; or use Sleep Trap or both. In any case, once WoS is off, do the combo. But anyway the combo is aimed not just for duel and in world pvp it is unlikely you will see a glad with prebuffed WoS. Also, the combo can be performed without sleep arrow if you don’t have it, just use sleep trap instead – Stun-Entangle-Sleep Trap; glad is melee so he will come for you anyway. This pretty much should cover it. All the duels were filmed today during 1 hour duel session, so I couldn’t cover all the notes and alterations above in the video, but if you’ve read the description it should not be needed 🙂 Special thanks to glads that participated in the video. (Osvaldo