AION 2.1 Chanter (l55) PvP Group+Solo Play

I know some fights are long, but if you’re main is a chanter then you know that there is a certain finesse chanter has when fighting plates xDD Track List: Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Dexcell Remix) Shufunk – Juice Unicorn Kid – Wild Life (Nu_Tone Remix) Keep on rocking Chanters!!! Razlo~ PS: Finished playing Tera a couple of weeks ago. Let me say this, if you love PvP, if you love how skill has a major impact on performance, this game is defo for you. It isn’t perfect, well no new mmo title at launch is perfect, but it certainly has more potential than Aion when I beta tested it years ago. As for my previous bulletin I did say I’d upload some Tera vids, though I only reached lvl42, the bg’s were only active to lvl50 so I couldn’t participate in any at my lvl (all the lvl4x was grinding to cap lvl), so no clips of pvp. Got a few elite farming vids, but then there’s loads of those, especially the zerker class (visit Exfylina’s page). Back in Aion now, it’s still ZvZ ^^ but I’m just gonna farm AP until 2.5 comes out. Don’t really care much about the new instances bs, only that chanters’ skills get improved somewhat. My favourite improvements are the insta Stamina Res cast @ 3.7k HP 0o, and insta cast BW. Consider my latest vid an aopologetic gift for those who were expecting some Tera vids 🙁