Silkroad Online – “The Enlightenment Path” II Part 1

First part of “The Enlightenment Path” II. Story line: Alex, Susy and Amelia thought that, with the dead of Akiro, the biggest danger had already finished. But indeed, a new and stronger enemy was about to appear and try to destryo the world of Silk Road. One morning, Alex tells Susy to gather some wood around the forest, a bit angry, Susy goes and on her way, he finds an accident near the road. The bodies are completely burned and destroyed, so it’s impossible to heal or revive them. While watching the scene, Susy hears someone’s voice. One stranger, that seems to know her, starts to talk with her, but Susy doesn’t trurt on him (She also fears of the man’s appearance) and tries to run. Unfortunately, he’s too fast and reaches her. The man throws Susy some kind of evil spell, and she loses her consciousness… Alex, worried about Susy, goes out to find her without listening to Amelia’s warning. After a while, William, Alex’s uncle appear behind Amelia, and atacks her, leaving her with serius injuries. Alex finally finds Susy, but she refuses to talk. Alex, desperately tries to make her talk, but it’s useless. She seems to be under the control of William, who appears behind Alex. William order Susy to paralyze Alex, and he runs with her. When Alex can finally move, he remembers that Amelia might be in danger too. But when he notices it, it’s too late… She’s not in home when he comes back. Alex search both women outside his territory, and finds his Uncle. Behind William