Silkroad Online Glavie / Bow Dual Weapon PvP video

A PvP video between me and a 101lv glavier. In the video I am 102lv. The opponent is FF, and my masteries are: Fire 93, Heuksal 98, Pacheon 98, Cold 45. Both of my weapons are +0, (my opponents glavie seems to be +0 too) The video is from ZSZC fire server. The server doesn’t have european characters so I don’t know how good/bad this build would do against them, but it is pretty good versus chinese characters. I know the editing in this video isn’t good. It is my first Silkroad video with Sony Vegas. I didn’t bother to look for tutorials because it would have taken me like a hour or something. And I don’t have a hour to waste! That is all.