MPSRO Silkroad Privat Server BETA 2010/11

Hello this is a short video. I want you to show a new silkroad pserver. ATM it’s laggy and buggy but updates will and a new root server is going to fix all these problems. You can’t buy silk ATM but you can PM GM’s and buy for example every dress which cost 330M Euro chars are there, too. But there is a bug too you cant drop europeans items and you cant buy them until level 32. If you ask nice maybe GM’s give you european stuff there are Wizard Dagger level 40+ too. The Drop rate is very high. The exp rate too. I’m not sure exp x 40 sp x 50. btw the when you killed a monster you can wait at the same spot 8 sec after 8 sec the monster will respawn just 1 maybe too. Monster aren’t agro so they wont auto attack you fox example if you are grinding at monster 8 level higher as you dont be afraid about a giant. The GM’s are activ. Please dont use the ingame chat you could crash. There is a shoutbox which you can use at chat on the website you can also talk with admins if the server is down or you’ve problems. Botting is allowed in the next months the admins do their own bot. i think thats all sorry my english is bad xD Link: Downloadlink: Register: Install isro patch the last version .85 and than delte the old media pk2 and use the new. AUTO POT WORK SORRY xD