Kryptakronakonalyte Aion PvP [Volume 2]

Help me save up enough money for my Canon T2i by donating at Any amount is greatly appreciated, thank you guys so much. [1080p] Welcome the second volume of Kryptakronakonalyte pvp in Fregion. This video is more of an aesthetic and editing endeavor than anything else. We arn’t flexing our pvp-peens or showing off our epic skills, but are trying to design an awesome cinematic piece that you can watch over and over again and still notice new events. Please leave comments and suggestions for my future videos. Filmed by Donaldrumsfeld, Riru, and Me. Entire video was edited and created by me but i could not have done it without the extreme psychiatric support that was given to me from my legion lol. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Volume 2.