Infinite Aion Ranger PvP #5.avi

This is my last video with char Yason….. because of the wipe which will be on IA 31.01.2011 🙁 For sure i will continue to play Aion but on Asmo side i think. So my next vids would be with absolutely different char maybe even not ranger idk. Equip: Xenphone Longbow +11 Heavenly Hat / Berqrisar’s Earring’s x2 Anurati’s Necklace / Guardian Squad Leader’s Topaz Ring x2 Silkors Leather Belt Jotun’s Jerkin Forsaken Temple Leather Leggins Anuhart Ranger’s Leather Shoes +10 Elite Guardian Centurion’s Leather Pauldrons Anuhart Ranger’s Leather Gloves