Dasher’s Aion – Sin solo DP

Since I haven’t seen any sin soloing DP so far and some people have been asking me how I was doing it, I decided to fraps one of my run. The reason I solo DP is because I wanted both repeatable quests to be done (Drana/Dragels) for the hat. I can make at least 20 dranas and 20 dragels per run, which means a total of 20 runs to get both quests done. While staying there, I realized there were a few types of mobs I could solo, so I thought why not, they do drop bloods and dranas and other stuff. First, I realize my comp isn’t the best and I’m upgrading soon, so bear with me for the low FPS. Second, it’s like 3am and I’m really tired, plus I’m new to Sony Vegas so that’s why there’s no intro/end. Alright so like I said, it’s late, and the video is still uploading so I’ll be heading to bed after this. I’ll probably add the tips on the video tomorrow, but for now I’ll just add them in the description. Basically, as a sin, I can solo 2 types of mobs with almost a 100% success (I’ll explain later) which are the hidden mobs and the bloodbinders (The name changes as you go to the lake later on, but they have the same abilities/hp) Apparently my video description is too long so I had to cut the part where I explain how to fight them, but I’ll just use annotations. For Sentinels, I kill them about 50% of the time, all depending on my procs (as you can see in the vid). So it’s totally not worth it. I tried all the others and I was not able to kill them, either too much hp or the