Aion Patch 1.9 :: Movable Interface and New Class Selection [HD]

Take a glimpse at some of the features Aion has in store for patch 1.9. This shows off the features I got to experience firsthand, upon logging onto the Aion PTS (Aion Public Test Server), which was updated with patch 1.9 today. This shows off the new class selection characters and movable action bars! As I come across more significant features of 1.9 during my time on the PTS, I’ll try to make a new video featuring it, maybe even with some commentary. Enjoy! By the way, if you want to experience patch 1.9 early with me, here’s how to get it: How to get the Aion Public Test Server: -Find the folder in which you have Aion installed -Copy the folder and paste it in that same location (it may take a while, since its a really large folder) -Rename the copied folder to “AionPTS” -Reboot your NCsoft Launcher -There should be a “AionPTS” directly below Aion on your launcher, ready to play! If you run into any problems with setting the PTS up, comment on the video or send me a message. I’d be happy to help!