Aion: I hate Pigs! (Templar DPS, Weaving and painful break power demo)

Well alot of times ingame i hear Templars commenting on their DPS and how low it is compared to other classes. “We are only built to tank” Yes and we are also made to dps if we put effort in trying. I try my best to squeeze as much dps as I can out of my templar. I know that still other classes such as Sorcs rangers sins and Glads will always be superior in DPS but I made this video to at least give some hope to templars. No chanter Buffs (+ patk and crit Mantra) nor the advanced stigma Emperium Fury (+ 50% more P.atk skill) equipped!!! (I wonder how much more dmg I will do with those two on?) Sadly in end game instances more and more parties are able to do without a templar and use a sin or glad to tank for more dps. Support us templars to do our jobs! Enjoy! oink..