[Aion 2.0]Siel Aion Server (Cleric Skill 55)

aion-guide.info Using an Aion Templar leveling guide is very important if you don’t know how to play your class correctly. If you don’t know if you are playing your character correctly, the signs you need to look for are excessive deaths, taking a long time to kill a mob, a lot of downtime. A Templar can get out of most fights undamaged. So if you get out of fights with normal mobs with half HP, then you need to read this. Aion Templar Leveling Guide – Class Role The Templar is the tanking class of Aion and it DOES NOT deal damage. If you want a plate wearing DPS class, get a Gladiator. This class can absorb large amounts of damage by using his shield or spells. The class relies on Sword and Board, or Sword and Shield. It can wield two weapons at the same time or a two-handed weapon. But that takes away the tanking capabilities and it still wont deal enough damage. Thank to me Aion Templar leveling guide I was able to avoid making that mistake of training my class the wrong way.