**Warning: Unscensored** Aion (Gameplay) – Elyos Taking Back Divine – Israphel US – 01-08-11

Music is “Cerf & Mitiska & Jaren – Beggin’ You (Armin Van Buuren Remix)” and I claim no ownership of it. Quick Note: The total time to fly from the top ring, kisk and claim ownership of the fort was more close to 14 min. if you watch closely, i did leave out part of the video because defeating the diety was in the ballpark of 11 min., and i needed to fit it within a 10 min video but i didn’t want to speed things up. if i was doing that i might as well include all the action that went on before that with Nili’s well executed orders and the quick take of Krotan. About The Video: Just wanna start by saying TOLD YOU GUYS WE DONT NEED MORTRED. and thank you Nili and all the leaders taking part in the siege cycle for taking on the duties and handing them out to well. and MOST impotantly THANK YOU TO ALL THE ELYOS THAT PARTICIPATED and BEAUTIFULLY executed each order in a timely manner. there’s not a doubt in my mind that what you all did as a team resulted in such a great night. talk about steam rolling they’re faces. good job guys. congratulations elyos on a succesful RETAKE on divine. i dont read up on a lot of server history and what not, but i’m pretty sure flipping divine doesn’t happen on many servers. i love the balance. long live israphel. Video captured/edited by Avaa (formerly known as Jes) of [Not A Pie] on Israphel Elyos Faction in Aion Notes on my computer because the question ALWAYS comes up: -Intel 980x Hexa-Core Core-i7 Gulftown CPU @ 3.9GHz (19 x 205bclk 1.28