Silkroad Song Parody : Ke$ha Tik Tok

FOLLOW me on Myspace News songs every week or so Silkroad online TIk Tok Parody enjoy guys 🙂 Rate comment subscribe, ill be making more vids like this very soon When i Get up to 150 subs ill release the next song + video 🙂 Oasis server char : X_SKY_X UPDATE!!!! 28/02/2010 Due to the crew all recently Starting TAFE and University Studies including myself the new video has been postponed until Term Break where we will have enoght time to make a Good if not better video including some new stuff happning during cap 110 =) Yours truely Bren AkA JuniorRocky_ :Oasis the songs can be downloaded here ill wright lyrics in description later tonight Woke Up in the night and my silkroad was leveling my level 90 wizzard Sky is about to be better i went out into to the kitchen (night) and i made me a snack Dam foods keeping me up and bringing me back. the turks are asking me so ill lvl them free they say give me 500k theres no fucking way ( way) the turks are saying motherfukin mothers fuck and you say fucking turks insults are fucking shit Chorus: Dont stop my bot cause im tryna Level up Tongight ima Fight all the monsters in site all my skills are maxed tho some are innapropriate i dont use all my skills i dont use all my skills X2 its been 3 years ive done plenty of leveling. i level everyday almost 24/7 i cant help but buy time for silkroads S-Bot cause it’s the only thing i use to Level me Up! Im talking bout everyday Press AUTO