Silkroad – “Lets make DMG-Test on Unique”

😀 when i was luring her i was thinking about making dmg test on TG again^^ there were like 50 ppl searching tg because it was in the afternoon today and a lot of ppl search for uniques in our server /Tibet) well. i asked some friends on TS which were online to come and help me 😀 and some1 from union… BIG thx to my guildmaster H34D_B4NG3R which brought his bards (110 FF 😀 oWnZ and his bard clerc CTeP.) also i thank N3vermore for wasting his ticket and looking after her when i dc’ed and buffing me with INT etc. 🙂 big thx to those german ppl from the guild Energy. They were all nice and made no sh!t. =D thank you and i hope u enjoy(ed) the video.