Can bots see through Hide II in Aion? (HD)

This video shows clearly that bots can currently breach advanced hide in Aion regardless of class. They are using hacks to do so. This is definitely a game breaker for me as it breaches the most vital ability given to the assassin. I tried explaining what I was witnessing to people and they kept telling me that it takes time to actually “phase out” like as if I didn’t know that…so instead of trying to explain here is some solid proof of what is happening. If you would rather skip straight to the good stuff in this video without watching the entire thing I recommend you check out 2:00 or 4:30 for the most direct examples. Follow this thread at the forums: This issue creates many problems…I can not hunt Elyos anywhere near these bots because they give away my location to legit players by targeting me and running directly to me. Not only that but I have now seen a few other actual players that are somehow using a modified game client and able to completely breach my advanced hide…so it isn’t just the bots and this is a major issue that needs to be addressed. Otherwise Assassins are getting a really bad deal…it is like taking away a clerics healing abilities or a templars plate armor & damage mitigation…just make them naked but still be able to do the scorpion move, people would still play them…heck I would still play my level 24 Templar.