Aion UI for WoW Cataclysm 4.0.3 (#3)

Released at: Yet another set of tweaks. Things sorted this time around: ——————————————- – minimap location texture – LFG, PvP and Calendar window-button-functions added to the system, influence and flight-button-textures (I also added a flightbutton-texture to serve as the calendar-button, instead of the regular one) – party/pet-frames healthbar color – party/pet-frames health and mana values displaying on mouse-over – casting text positioned above castingbar (It finally dawned on me that Aion actually displays the text ABOVE the original casting bar… doh) – castingbar texture added to target and focus frame – I removed the player class-icon and replaced it with a level text-indicator, which is more true to the original interface in Aion – making the buff-frame interactive to enable right-click-removal of specific buffs (this probably only works out of combat) Things to come ? I would like to add textures and panels to support a full 40man raid. At the moment it doesn’t seem like Stuf-unitframes’ raid-options allow me to juggle enough settings around to make this possible. Because of this, I have been thinking about switching the entire unitframe-structure over to oUF instead. More freedom, lesser memory-usage but also more workwork :/ (I did roll an orc, so what am I complaining about? 🙂