Aion Ranger: Deletedd Features

It has been roughly a year from my last video and I’ve been asked to make a new one, so here it is. This video is basically a sum up of the things I’d personally like to see in a PvP-video. It has several other videogame references from some of my favorite videogames aswell. The video differs from the regular ranger PvP videos, because it shows long fights instead of “burst, next”-fights. Because of that, I tried to make it entertaining so you actually want to watch it till the end. I was a 5-star officer in this video with 10 stigmas (I was missing one slot) and I also know that “deleted” is spelled with a single “d” at the end, I’ll let you figure out why there’s another one. Videogame referrences: – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (inggison stage, credits song) – Street Fighter IV (character selection) – Batman (“playable” char) – Mega Man (stage select, ready-go) – Legend of Zelda (obtained an item) – Bionic commando rearmed (conversations) – Final Fantasy (screen swirl, dredgion fight starts) – Secret of Mana (item menus) – Lineage2 (bsoe) – Kirby’s adventure (song after bsoe) – Chrono Trigger (both dredgion music) – Tekken2 (game over voice)