Aion PvP, Elywhos? Pseudocide

This is my Cleric in Aion China retail. I’ve put my Sorcerer, FaceLift, aside for now and checking out the powers of a Cleric. So far I’m loving it and now I’m debating whether it’ll be a Sorc or a Cleric now come Aion North America. Currently my Cleric is lvl 36, the gear I have on is the full Gold Crafted lvl 33 set. Weapons are lvl 35 Satans Mace and Staff, the shield is crafted gold lvl 35. Thanks to Grace, one of our Flawless member, she crafted most of my pieces with her awesome crafting ability’s. Game: Aion: The Tower of Eternity (China) Video Recording: Game Cam Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker Music from first to last: Artist: Lux Aeterna & Clint Mansell Song: Requiem for a Dream Artist: The Showdown Song: Achilles- The Backbreaker