[Aion] Phirefly – Level 55 Ranger – Zero to Hero

Well it appears I can no longer render this file for some reason. I was hoping to produce better quality, and less buggy scenes, but this will have to do. Character: Phirefly Server: Perento Link to previous video: www.youtube.com I’m not a typical ranger who stays in hide and ganks their opponent, I like a challenge so I often let my opponent see me first. In this video I have taken on many groups(without using sleep arrow in any of the group clips), and have done my best to kill as many as possible before getting killed/running away. Thanks to Sphinxcorp for the short intro. I had some problems getting it to work, so there is a green X throughout it, but I have hid most of it. Thanks for watching and please leave a comment. This is probably my final pvp video, so I hope you all enjoy it. This video can be downloaded here: www.megaupload.com ************************************************************** Phirefly has retired from Aion since December 21st 2010.