This is a video explaining about why aion atomix is the best and most advanced current Aion Private Server! The community is in the thousands and is a great one to be in. For further information how to play on this server please visit. You will NOT be dissapointed. Registrartion for the community forums and server is very easy and there is a full guide to make the even most novice PC users be able to connect to the server, The GMs are Very friendly and helpfull and so is the players of the community. The server recieves fixes and updates daily and is in my view the best, most advanced and less buggiest private server out there. Here is a list of the servers current Features: Server’s Information * Nezekan: * Supported Client PATCH: NA/EU * Max level 55 * Progressive XP Rate: from 2x to 12x!(FAST EXP) * Drop Rate: 10x * Quest XP Rate: 20x * Quest Kinah Rate: 20x * Abyss Point Rate: 3x * Gathering XP Rate: 2x * Crafting XP Rate: 2x * Free Fly Everywhere! * Retail-like mob spawns in every maps. * Retail-like drops list for every mobs. * 2nd class available! * Abyss Available! * All Instances Available! * Color Dyes Available. * PvP Available Everywhere! * Rifts Available. * Warehouse Available. * Abyss Points! * Legion system! * Craft jobs * Player commands: * //givemissingskills, //movie. =