Aion Assassin lv50 Abyss PvP vol.1

Shinigami Team movie #5: Abyss PvP vol.1 by Anike. — First of all, I frapsed this videos in next few days after patch 1.9 released, so I tested new “Remove Shock” skill and checked how it affect to our class. I wanna say message to all assassins, who crying on differens forums that “sins dead in 1.9, we dont pwn anymore” – guys, sorry, but u are completly noobs. In days when I frapsed I had a ping around 200 (u can see “target is too far away” often and thats why I couldnt weave normal), and yes in 1.9 enemies fly away during pvp much more – but it still real to kill anyone. What about me, I do about 10k AP per hour (depent on luck with enemies rank ofc it can be even 20+, but 10 is avg.) same as in 1.5 before. — Track-list: 01. Sundose – Bouncing around 02. Astrix – Sex style (SynSun remix) 03. Dynamic – Sun burn (System Nipel remix) Compiled and mixed by Anike — Thanks for watching, hope u enjoy it!