Spooner’s Final Aion Beta Movie (?)

I might have enough good footage left to make another few videos but no major ones, just little 3-4 minute clips of things to expect in the game. Those are much more fun to voice over and generally edit because it isn’t such a massive time sink. In this video you might see me playing my Gladiator. You probably won’t notice it though since there’s a lot of RAGE going on. I’d venture to say that my honeymoon with Aion is over and I still love the game. I’m pretty damn excited about the pre-select event and the headstart coming very soon. I’ll still be making Aion movies when the game launches and will be pumping those out much quicker. During these closed betas it hasn’t been half as fun because there’s a time limit imposed and so I have to basically just barrel through the game trying to level and record knowing full well I won’t have the chance to later. Come retail, that issue is gone. Very important: Check out www.spooncraft.com as I have all major game related and video related updates there. If I haven’t done a video in a while, the reason is almost always found on that site. Now for the slow people Aion is the property of NCsoft and i am in now way officially affiliated with them nor claim to own the rights to any of this other my soothing sexy voice mmmm~